Our slogan is
"Strengthen sports in Japan".

01.Data analysis business

BACS(Baseball Analytics and Coaching System)
BACS is a baseball data analysis system using trackman data. This system is an analysis tool useful for coaching, developed for players and leaders.
For example, by visualizing = quantifying the words used in the guidance scenes such as "the ball of the present time was shaky", we bring a common language to the players and coaches. BACS will compensate for the misalignment that may have occurred between the two.
BACS is an analytical tool that can be used not only for data performance improvement of athletes but also for conditioning management, prevention of injuries, team formation.

In sports, collecting data and analyzing is essential for efficient performance improvement.
There are various ways to analyze sports data. For example, measuring the weight daily and showing it in a line graph may be one of the very useful data. It is also possible to extract features of exercise from enormous data and find weaknesses of opponents.
Currently, we focus on baseball data analysis. We analyze the tracking data introduced to the professional baseball world from various angles and support the team.
In the future, we will expand services to amateurs and contribute to the improvement of the technical level of the entire baseball world.

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02.Consulting business

Data analysis
Analyze the performances of athletes and visualize the physical and technical issues. Experts will advise based on that. Also, we will support and collaborate when building an analyst team.

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IoT device verification
Devices measuring sports data have various characteristics depending on the model. The accuracy and reliability of the data that comes out are also uneven, and there may be scenes where you should be confused. We propose which scene of the sports scene is best device to use.

Data utilization seminar
We will explain in a easy-to-understand manner at seminars so that everyone involved in sports can understand and use data.

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03.Media Business

At the same time as the use of data at sports scenes progresses, opportunities to see sports data on each media are increasing.
"I want to communicate correct information by using data"
However, the correct information is not always clear. Rather it is hard to understand.
Interpretation of sports data may be a little difficult, but we will tell you the correct information in a way that is easy to understand.

Main achievements
Baseball-related TV appearance, data provision, appearance at various lecture meetings
Manegement of baseball data site, Baseball Geeks

04.Web Solution Buisiness

We are good at developing for multiple devices such as Web application, iPhone, Android application which utilizes the technology of HTML 5 / CSS 3.
In addition, we have abundant achievements of development using web advanced technology, and we can respond to consultation such as technology development collaboration looking a few years later.
Based on our own development know-how, we will respond collectively on planning, application development, web system development, operation and maintenance

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